Bar Precision Training

Accurate Pours for a Healthier Business

Bad pours can be a bar killer. You depend on accurate bartenders to ensure that you’re making healthy margins off your liquor sales. But if your bartenders are making a habit of pouring drinks that are a little too strong, you’re going to be throwing away hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in lost inventory. No healthy business should be giving away its primary product in those kinds of numbers; all it will do is make it harder and harder to turn a profit. 

Overpouring is the bane of the bar business – but underpouring can be just as damaging, reducing customer confidence and discouraging them from returning. Bartab can help you get your pours right where they need to be. Our bartender coaching service can ensure that your staff knows the difference between two and three fingers of scotch. We cover the essentials to guarantee that your team is skilled in the art of quantity control, protecting your margins and ensuring a reliable, consistent experience for your patrons from drink to drink. 

Our Bar Precision Training program includes:

  • Bartender training sessions on how to properly, accurately, and consistently pour liquor & distilled spirits, wine, and draught beer
  • New hire evaluation, testing, and onboarding
  • Frequent training to make sure your bartenders are professional pourmasters
  • Regular refreshers for existing staff
  • Custom training to suit your business’s needs
  • Regular bartender audits and spot checks to track and prevent bar theft 

When you’ve got great bartenders, you’ve got a great bar. Bartab helps you ensure your bar has a skilled, professional team of bartending masters providing great service to your patrons – and reliable quantity control for you. 

Take the first steps toward a stronger, healthier bar.

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