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Know What You’ve Got – and Where It’s Going

Your inventory is your lifeblood; it’s your business’s raison d’etre, and an enormous amount of money is continually being reinvested into keeping your stock of beer and liquor fresh. That means it’s vitally important that you know where your inventory is going every week, and whether you’re wasting money by stocking the wrong drinks or using up your inventory too quickly. We can tell you what your top sellers are and what you should be keeping behind the bar to maximize revenue. 

Bartab’s experienced professionals know bar science, and have the ability to assess your inventory and provide you with the data you need to improve your business. And you won’t just get charts of numbers, but a personalized report with clear, actionable, plain English recommendations to improve your inventory mix to best accommodate your market, seasonality, trends, and new products. 

How Bartab Benefits You:

  • Regular on-hand inventory reports tracked against expected inventory
  • Weekly in-person consultation with an experienced bar science professional
  • Streamlined reporting with clear, actionable recommendations

With Bartab’s inventory services, you can get your variances under control and keep your bar on the course to profitability. 

Take the first steps toward a stronger, healthier bar.

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