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Get Your Business Under Control

Loss Reduction and Financial Controls for the Restaurant, Bar, and Nightclub Industry

Powered by years of experience in both the restaurant industry and accounting, Bartab is a full-service enterprise offering data-driven solutions to your restaurant’s or bar’s business problems. Our focus is on reducing loss and waste by improving bartender accuracy, tracking your inventory against both expected and actual use, and comprehensive accounting services that give you control over your financial future.

Our services will help you to:

  • Implement strong internal systems for daily cash management and payroll reporting
  • Take control over your inventory
  • Reduce variances and control loss
  • Tighten up your bartending staff
  • Get a clearer picture of your financial health
  • Determine actionable steps to strengthening your business
  • Chart a course to profitability and growth

Professionals who have participated in every aspect of restaurant and bar management, from bartending to accounting to tax preparation, Bartab has the insider experience to show you what’s going on behind the bar and between the lines of your accounting books. We provide personalized reports with clear, actionable recommendations to solve your business problems and increase your profit.

New Jersey offices in New Brunswick and Hoboken

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